17991773_10104985936285632_1729343328917272185_nA good book can stretch you far beyond anywhere you thought you could reach yourself.  I picked up this book, not knowing a single thing about it, after I saw the following posted on Instagram:

Such a gorgeous and love-filled story. When I finished, I held it to my chest and didn’t want to put it down. Read immediately. Go now.

When this lady recommends a book, I listen, and so I read. I fell in love from the first page- not only with the author’s voice, but also with the family: a writer, a doctor, and their five boys. I followed the family doing life until I realized what this book was really about and then, I loved it all the more!

I think I’ll leave you here, knowing nothing more about this book than when you started- because that really is the best way to read a book, after all.  What I will say, is that I loved the messiness of this- of people doing the best they could without knowing all the answers to all the questions, as Elizabeth Strout says in My Name is Lucy Barton, “Because we all love imperfectly.”

Happy World Book Day, my friends!18076867_10104989277514782_6717138800242989198_o