302272cdb314cbf37d15f4eb22cd36fd_XLTo begin reading a galley of a book and fall in love instantly is one type of bliss filled experience that contains equal parts misery as it cannot even be shared with others!  Your friends don’t have access to the title until its publication day and then, even if they do run out to their nearest independent bookstore to buy it, you must wait patiently for them to read the thing- which seems to take forever.  I can’t even…

That said, I’m incredibly grateful to The Dial Press for letting me read this book prior to it’s publication and to Parnassus Books, particularly Catherine Bock, for selecting this book as the April pick for the Parnassus First Edition Club!  Not only did I get to start reading it before publication,  I now own a signed copy!!!

The Twelve Lives of Samuel Hawley follows Loo and her dad, Samuel, as they hop from town to town, running from trouble, before finally settling in Olympus, Massachusetts- her late mother’s hometown.  Loo’s childhood is less than idyllic and the chapters alternate between the present day in Olympus and Samuel’s past- illuminating the story behind each of his twelve bullet wounds.

I enjoyed this book because the characters were fully formed and the text well written and yet there was an incredible plot launching you ahead- a rare find in literary fiction.  One review called it a “literary thriller”- I need to research that term more because that is exactly what I need more of in my life.   Had I not been traveling so much in recent weeks, I would have finished this in a day!  It’s really that good!

Now my desperate plea: if you are my friend, sign up for NetGalley so we can talk!!!  Thank you for your cooperation on this matter!