51pSVxVSneL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_THIS is the book that every woman needs!  Actually, it also happens to be the book every little girl needs laying around her house so that she can look at the photographs of strong girls, set goals, and dream.

I’m grateful to Workman Publishing Company for allowing me to review this book prior to publication!  Due to technical issues with my file, I ended up just having my library send me a copy after it was published and, ironically, I read it on the same day that the Donald revoked the Fair Pay order, April 4, 2017.

Kate T. Parker is a mom and photographer dedicated to allowing her two daughters to be exactly who they are.  As she shot pictures of her girls, she noticed the most powerful images were those in which her girls were being “100 percent themselves”.  She turned what she noticed into a project taking images of girls all over North America.


The photographs are so beautiful and the quotes from the girls are incredibly wise.  I’m not used to looking towards those who are younger than I for inspiration, but that’s exactly what happened.  It was so wonderful to read about what being a “strong girl” means across a variety of experiences and ages.

Strong girls unite!