March 17, 2017, the official start of spring break and the date of my most recent pilgrimage to my favorite bookstore- Parnassus in Nashville.  Yes, the majority of my traveling revolves around bookstores, it’s true!  I prepped for weeks: making an inventory of the books I owned but had not read, purging books I no longer cared to read, attempting to read as many recommended books as was physically possible during scholastic bowl season, and gathering a mental list of the books I read recently and loved in an attempt to acquire absolutely perfect recommendations from the booksellers at Parnassus.

I do believe I acquired the perfect, personalized recommendations that I longed for!  Shortly after arriving to the store, I asked for Catherine.  Catherine Bock, an Illinois native, manages the first edition book club I subscribe to and we have been in contact periodically over the years whenever I had a question about my account or ordered books online.  The first edition club has drastically changed me as a reader and I wanted to meet the person who was indirectly responsible for changing my life (aka- evolving me into a book snob).  She was so kind and loaded me up with recommendations- some for now and some later; I adored chatting it up with her!


Once back at the hotel, I started straight away on my spring break reading, beginning with The Stranger in the Woods by Michael Finkel.  I LOVED it!!!  Summary: this guy walks into the woods in Maine and stays there for 27 years!  He breaks into cabins and a summer camp for food/supplies and passes time by reading.  The most frequently stolen items include batteries, junk food, and books- only the necessities, right?  Hearing how he survived, outside in Maine, for 27 years was fascinating to me and I finished this book the very next day.  Had I been home, this would have been a “read in an afternoon” sort of book but alas, sight seeing happened.

Last weekend was epic and I’m beyond grateful for the opportunity to travel (and read).  I hope everyone has a wonderful spring break!  What are you reading?