9781506326436Schools are filled with individuals whose greatest desire is to help students grow.  From the principal to teachers, custodians, nurses, secretaries, tech support- we all work together as a team towards the same goal and each member has a vital role to fulfill.  We are all equally important!  Many books are written for principals to hone their leadership skills, but very few are designed to help raise individual teachers as leaders- until now!  The book, Every Teacher a Leader by Barbara B. Levin and Lynne Schrum strives to illuminate the influence teachers have on their colleagues and help them further develop their leadership skills.

Teachers are leaders when they: advocate for students, collaborate, help new teachers, share their learning, and connect with community members.  Many teachers, myself included, thought these tasks were simply part of being a teacher and did not realize the degree that they demonstrate leadership.

After a brief introduction the book launches into a series of chapters designed to help teachers reflect on their goals, personality, and areas of growth before moving into sections that help teachers better fulfill possible tasks including: grant writing, leading professional development, and advocacy.

Being trusted to get the job done is the number one factor that defines job satisfaction.

This book didn’t offer a great deal of new information on how I could improve within my current role, but I appreciated the morning of self-reflection it brought on.  I sat with a cup of coffee on an icy Saturday, reading and considering the reasons behind the unnatural degree of love I have for my current position. I am grateful every single day for my work family.  It may have taken me six years to find my way, but I am home.