marchbookone_softcover_lgThe past few weeks have been rough and I’m mostly just angry with myself.  I’m disappointed that I didn’t take seriously the possibility of failure.  I’m upset that I held ideals inside me without stressing action to help them come to fruition in my community.  I’m frustrated that I didn’t live out my Christian faith as much as I should have. Pope Francis says, “Let us pray to the Lord so that our walk in love never ever becomes for us an abstract love. May our love be concrete with works of mercy…” I’m so incredibly sorry; I’m ready to do the work now.

As I am writing, peaceful, unarmed water protectors in Dakota are being shot at with water cannons, concussion grenades, noise cannons, rubber bullets, and tear gas. It’s painful to watch live and have absolutely no idea what to do other than pray, share, and make some phone calls in the morning.  That’s the worst part- watching people get hurt, or feeling that they’re about to get hurt, and not knowing what to do.

This is how we change the world: we grab hold of it. We change ourselves. -Ann Patchett

John Lewis took hold of his world, put in the work, and made an impact.  Mr. Lewis recently won the National Book Award for March: Book Three, but I needed to start from the beginning.  March: Book One is a graphic novel that follows John from his childhood reading every book he could in Alabama to lunch counter sit-ins as an adult.  It was incredible to see the power from so many people gathering together, united, to do the right thing.  There was such bravery and I was very moved by the book.  It’s one of those books that stays with you and I’ll continue to think about it as I find what I can do to best help others and take a stand for what’s right!