28815371This is the book you want.  A book so smart, so beautiful; a book that talks about abortion not as a political issue, but as a decision that impacts the characters every moment of every day, infused into every fiber of their being.   A book with “real” characters, their messy lives, and their far from perfect decisions.

The Mothers follows three teenagers into adulthood as they deal with life- both inside and outside life.  Nadia is getting ready to go away to college at University of Michigan while dealing with her mom’s suicide and her unplanned pregnancy.  Her boyfriend, Luke is a former football star whose scholarship was rescinded because of an injury.  Finally, there is Aubrey the best friend also growing up without her mother.  This book is about decisions and the impacts those decisions have throughout a life, it’s about growing up.

Reading diversely is important and after analyzing my reading habits, has been something I’ve been working on for about a year now; there are so many incredible authors of color and I am just getting started.  That said, many books on my to be read list talk about slavery,  living in poverty, or the current role race plays in the U.S.- I wanted more.  I wanted to just pick up a book because it sounded good, regardless of the color of the author.  I wanted my reading habits to be naturally diverse, not due to effort.  Finally, I wanted the black experience to be part of what I read rather than the main focus.  Brit Bennett has done it; at 26, she has filled a void in literature!  Brit writes about middle class, Christian, black teenagers- ordinary people.  It’s not a narrative about race and yet racial issues are infused into it.  Whether you want to read diversely or just want to read one of the best books of 2016, this is the book you need.

***I own a signed copy***