downloadThere are different books for every situation in your life.  When your sneezing increases hour by hour until by evening you realize that in fact, you do have a head cold you don’t want a book that makes you think.  You don’t desire a classic or a piece of new literary fiction or a biography, you actually want something fast paced and purely enjoyable. Before I Go To Sleep by  S.J. Watson is the perfect fall book to read in the throes of illness although, to be perfectly honest, I’m feeling much better.

Christine wakes up in a strange bed next to an older man and stumbles into the bathroom trying to figure out what happened the night before.  Looking into the mirror, she realizes that she has aged and is not the 20 something she thought she was.  Pictures taped to the bathroom mirror explain that the man in bed is Ben, her husband.  When Ben wakes up he explains to her that there was an accident and she has amnesia.  Each day she goes to bed and wakes up not recalling the events after the accident and even forgets much of life before the accident too.  This book follows her journey as she tries to piece together what happened and who she can trust.

This book was exactly what I needed today although the end wasn’t the most logical.  If you can read this without questioning how it’s possible then you may like this book!  Just go with it- it’s fiction.  That said, the author did do his research!  Now I look forward to reading Forever Today by Deborah Wearing which he referenced at the end of the book.

So that’s that!  One more book off my to be read shelf and less than two weeks until my visit to McLean  and Eakin to meet Ann Patchett!!!