With the summer reading challenge behind us, I’m setting a new goal for myself!  This fall, I’m going to strive to read books I already own.  The reason behind this is purely selfish; In October I will visit McLean and Eiken, which I hear is incredible!  In fact, it’s my favorite author’s favorite bookshop (besides her own), so I’m making room!

Right now, books I’ve read are displayed on bookshelves and books I need to read are kept in a closet, double stacked by category.

As you can see, I already have a lot of incredible books!!!  Remember, these shelves are double stacked so there are even more great books hiding behind the ones you see.  I also am a member of Parnassus Books’s First Edition Club so I have a few to read from that too.  I refuse to have my unread books pile over beyond these shelves and I want to shop in my little bookstore this October so… I’m going to start reading!

What do you plan to read this fall?