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Summer is travel season and audiobooks keep me sane as I make countless trips to Michigan each summer through construction  and among the company of individuals who have watched a few too many “Pure Michigan” commercials.  Michigan is pretty much amazing so who can blame them!

Many people have asked me how I listen to audiobooks and share their failed experiences.  Besides making car rides more pleasant, there are two main things I like about audiobooks: first, they allow me to maximize my reading time and secondly, they make me slow down and really savor a book.  My current method of listening to audiobooks involves borrowing them in CD format from the library however Playaways are also great and Audible is always an option too.

One con regarding audiobooks is that there is a tendency for your mind to wander.  That is why the majority of the audiobooks I listen to are non-fiction and often, read by the author.  Listening to an author read their own work is very engaging and a much more intimate experience than reading on your own.  In fact, many of the audiobooks I’ll listen to repeatedly are ones read by the author.  Educating Esme by Esme Raji Codell is my annual “playlist” for getting my classroom ready and gets me pumped for another year of teaching and learning!  With that said, on to my favorites!








What are your favorite audiobooks?