There is no better way to restore the soul than to spend the weekend reading, especially when it’s very cold and rainy outside!

63832Friday: Blue Highways by William Least Heat-Moon

There are different books to read during different seasons; I read a lot of travel memoirs in the summer and this one was a masterpiece! Bill’s wife leaves him and he loses his job as an English professor around the same time so he decides to take off alone on a road trip around America following what he calls the “blue highways”, roads that are blue on an atlas or essentially country highways.  He avoids all expressways.  Along the way he meets a host of interesting characters and documents his conversations with them and discusses the various restaurants where he dines; he determined that the more calendars a diner has, the better the food.  Whenever I read during quiet time at the daycare, my students always excitedly ask me what is happening in my book. Unfortunately, they got a bit sick of me telling them that Bill was eating again, although I loved his descriptions of diner grub. His visit to a monastery was my favorite section of the book as he documented his conversation with a monk asking him about why he chose that lifestyle.  I have an interest in stepping into other people’s shoes and seeing how people live differently in various communities so I found it fascinating.  I think this curiosity is one reason I moved to country; I had never lived in the country before.


22693222Saturday: The Residence by Kate Anderson Brower

I discovered this book while browsing at Schuler Books, a bookstore from my childhood that I revisited recently due to curiosity.  One of the staff members placed a sign near it recommending the book and sharing that she could not put it down.  I thought it looked interested but highly doubted it would be difficult to put down.  Well, I started it Saturday morning while getting ready.  I read some more while I waited for my color to process at Kane and Co. (ask for Melissa), I read through lunch, and I read until 6:40pm when I finished reading the last sentence on the last page. The book was so incredibly interesting and allowed me to see life from the viewpoints of White House staff and the first family- again, my snoopy desire to see what the lives of others are like.  One of the most interesting aspects to me was the discussion of the transition between presidents.  The White House staff is grieving the loss of a family they have worked for throughout the past 4-8 years and yet have exactly six hours to move the former president out, move the new president in, and instantly start working for the new family without missing a beat.  This is a great summer read, especially with the election coming up this November.


77013Sunday: As I Lay Dying by William Faulkner

I need a redo in a few years when I have a few more difficult books under my belt. This book just made me feel really dumb.  There is so much talking about nothing that I’m not actually sure what is happening except for the fact that a family is on the way to bury their mother, but then I must have missed the part where they actually do just that. I was interested in Cora, but besides that wasn’t into it.  I’m not sure that Faulkner is my cup of tea.  I feel like I should like it, but I don’t.    This girl in particular really makes me want to like it, but I can’t at this time.


downloadMonday: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by J.K. Rowling

After a lame reading day, I decided to read something incredible.  This is my millionth time reading this book, but my first time reading the illustrated version- worth every penny.  Despite the lame American title, this book actually contains the British text which I appreciate because there was never any need to translate it for Americans.  It adds more flavor to know that Albus Dumbledore, in fact, prefers sherbet lemons NOT lemon drops.  Considering another book is coming out this month after 9 long years without Harry, I’m going to be re-reading them and watching the movies this month until the 31st at midnight (at which time I’ll either be in line for the book or at home fast asleep waiting for the mailman to bring it the next day… I’m undecided.  The only reason I want to get it at midnight is for old time’s sake <3)!!!

Let’s hope next weekend’s weather brings a bit more sunshine ❤