One of the incredible things about living somewhere that is not your home is that you get to travel, a lot!  I have traveled home, or to Chicago, every single weekend since school got out for summer.

I went home for my birthday.


I went home for my sister-in-law’s bachelorette party.


I went to Chicago for Lit Fest.


I went home for my brother’s wedding.


I was even supposed to go to a conference this weekend in Peoria…


All of this while working more than full-time during the week, with around 30 minutes of free time daily, meant that I got sick this summer… twice already!  I don’t do well on lack of sleep (or lack of reading time). After coming home from my brother’s wedding reception with 103 fever and spending the week sick and covered in a rash, I decided to stay in Illinois this weekend.  Instead of traveling today:

I went to the farmer’s market (for the first time all summer).


I read two books (and ate cookies).


I watched Nova then took a nap with my dog.


I went to mass.


Never has summer looked so good!  Travel is nice, but there are times when my soul craves a nice weekend in good, old central Illinois where the corn is starting to rise, temperatures break 90, and where a weekend spent reading on my deck is just what the doctor ordered!