c85f0b59ac0956d5f6353df145c35f3aA perfect rainy day read that draws you in with talk of summer vacation in Maine and subsequently causes you to mourn as you watch the characters over the decades to follow. This book is about mental illness and the impact it has on a family. It’s about childhood with a mentally ill parent and the adulthood that follows. If you have any experience with either, it may be a challenging and emotional read.

Imagine Me Gone tells of Margaret, an American, who falls in love with a British man and discovers that he struggles with depression when he is suddenly hospitalized. She marries him anyway and this novel follows their life together focusing mainly on their three children. The first chapter is a view of the end before whipping back to tell things from the beginning.  The writing is beautiful, really well done!

I had never understood before the invisibility of a human. How what we take to be a person is in fact a spirit we can never see.

Imagine Me Gone was released Tuesday and is the May selection of the First Edition Book Club so I have a signed copy!  I can’t wait to see what other books will come my way this year! What have been your favorite reads in 2016?

*** Update, I met Adam at the 2016 Chicago Lit Fest! ***