51fHa0gMvsL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_My grandma has next to nothing, but everything she has is quality and I’ve always tried to emulate that on my teacher budget.  I buy quality because it will last and look nice thus saving money down the road.  This is one of the many pieces of advice given in Lessons from Madame Chic that, if true, proves that my French heritage somehow found a way to shine through.

The author, Jennifer L. Scott, studied abroad in France and this book share some of her observations on the French lifestyle.  I love reading books on how other people live and thus of course loved this book too. Everything is covered from food to fashion and I was shocked by how many things I already do including listening to classical music after dinner, cultivating my mind (Coursera, reading insistently, and going on field trips even though I’m 29 years old), and living passionately!  I’m always trying to make ordinary things like reading a book feel special and I think this is an attitude prevalent in the book- living well.

Things I’m looking to improve on are not snacking, plan delicious dinners, be more active outside, evaluate my wardrobe and Goodwill things I don’t wear, and try to avoid bumming around in yoga pants the entire weekend!

This was easy to read and not anything close to quality literature, but would make for a great non-fiction beach read if you need one this summer 🙂

This book fulfills the “self-improvement book” category of the 2016 Reading Challenge!