61puqgqr-ml-_sx340_bo1204203200_A Native American, a slave, and a white man walk into a… forest.  You thought I was going to say something else didn’t you?  Katy Simpson Smith has a PhD in history and found a source that talked about four American loyalists murdered in 1788 by the three men mentioned above.  She took the story and ran with it creating a historical fiction novel about the lives of these three individuals before and after their crime.  They are also being trailed by a French man who married a Native American and so we get his story as well.

I enjoyed this book although it was one that required a bit more concentration and I kept daydreaming today.  It was told through many different perspectives and sometimes I would forget to look at the chapter headings to see who was talking, but that was my fault.  It was very well written and the characters were anything, but flat.

This book fulfills my “First book you see in a bookstore” category of the 2016 Reading Challenge  because although I did not actually go to a bookstore to get it, it did come as my February First Edition Bookclub Book and I had not heard of it prior to it arriving in my mailbox.  It counts, right?!

***I own a signed copy of this book!***