Inspired by Thoreau and others, Christopher McCandless got rid of almost everything he owned and went off into the wilderness of Alaska.  Into the Wild tells of Chris’s adventure and his tragic end. I loved the movie and now I wanted to read the book. Read it I did, in one sitting.  Truth be told, I love all of Jon Krakauer’s books so it was not much of a surprise to enjoy this one too.

One thing that struck me when I read the book though, was how selfish Chris acted.  The book talks about how he had a friend hold all his incoming mail and then return it to the senders a few months later so he could get a head start on his trip without his parents knowing where he was.  After not hearing from Chris in awhile, his parents went to visit him only to find that his apartment was vacant and for rent.  When his parents returned home, they all their mail had finally been sent back too.  It’s quite clear he had a strained relationship with his parents and that he despised their affluent lifestyle, but treating them in that way is very cruel. I can’t imagine what that must have felt like for them to have no idea if their son was safe or not!

Regardless of my feelings towards Chris’s actions, this was a good book and a great spring read. For some reason, I love to read hiking and outdoor sort of books this time of year!  If you want to learn more about Chris, I found this NPR story very interesting too!

This book fulfills my “book with a blue cover” category of the 2016 Reading Challenge because the cover is slightly blue and also because I decided to read it anyway!