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awp-v3-3-I love to read and I love to read about reading!  Reading about reading results in me requesting 5,000 library books and then having them all arrive on the same day!  I had no idea how this book even ended up in my stack of library books except that I must have read about it on some list and requested it.  I didn’t find out where I heard about it from until I went to enter it on Goodreads only to find it won the Goodreads Choice in 2015.  Congrats, Connor Franta!

It turns out Connor Franta is a YouTuber who wrote a book about growing up and becoming the man he is today.  The book is good, filled with photographs and done in a very artsy way, but it isn’t until the end that the book becomes great!  Connor talks about coming out at gay to his parents.  He talks about people wanting to put labels on him just being who he is, living his life; the whole book is filled with a lot of wisdom that is incredible coming from a 22 year old. “Love knows no gender, race, shape, or size. Love is love- an energy that fuses souls.”  This is a great read for young people everywhere struggling to be happy with the person they are.  It’s not a book about being gay, it’s a book about being human.

This book fulfills my “autobiography” requirement for the 2016 Reading Challenge!