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25460I am not even sure how many times I have read this book, but a friend giving me a dozen eggs from her free range chickens inspired me to read it yet again!  Basically this book tells the tale of the well known author, Barbara Kingsolver, packing up her family and moving to a farm on the other side of the country.  It’s a year of her just living her life eating locally grown/raised food.  She begins the journey with harvesting my favorite vegetable in the entire world, asparagus, and carries on through the summer, fall, and winter that follow!  I don’t care if you aren’t a foodie, everything Barbara Kingsolver writes is beautiful.  She could write about horrible things and I would still love her!  So for that reason, you should read this- foodie or not.

I love this book even more now that I live in the country and have easy access to free range eggs and beef raised by a farmer who sings to his cows- no joke! Slowly but surely I’ll make changes to my lifestyle that benefit my health and those around me 🙂 Below are my friend’s chickens and the eggs I received today!  They had giant, super bright yokes and were AMAZING!!!

This book fulfills my “book you can finish in a day” category for the 2016 Reading Challenge!