9780312243029_p0_v3_s260x420No, I have not read Mrs. Dalloway, but it’s on my list!  This book takes place on a single, ordinary day and tells the story of three women whose lives are intertwined.  First there is Virginia Woolf, author of Mrs. Dalloway, who is in the process of writing the book in this novel.  Secondly, there is Clarissa Vaughan, a modern day New Yorker, planning a party for her friend who has just won a prestigious poetry prize.  Finally, Laura Brown is a 1950s housewife who uses literature to escape from her life which may seem ideal, but that causes her great pain and dissatisfaction.

This novel is dark, deep, and must be read with a pen.  There were so many quotes and I kept underlining everything!  I loved that despite the characters being so different from me, there was such a deep view into raw humanity and it was easy to see pieces of yourselves in the characters.  It made me think more deeply on how each decision impacts my life and those around me.  This book left an imprint on my heart.