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LovingFrankI hated this book so much that I loved it!  ***Spoiler alert: this novel is based on facts so I’m going to share what happened in the book since it’s public knowledge anyway.***

Loving Frank tells the story of Mamah Borthwick (pronounced may-mah) and her affair with Frank Llloyd Wright.  I hated Mamah with a fiery passion throughout the whole book because of the train wreck she was creating yet at the same time I loved the fact that this book did not glamorize affairs like our society does.  At the start of the book, Mamah is in love with her husband and they have a sweet son named John.  Her husband decides he wants to build a house and that is where Frank enters the picture.  She starts emotionally cheating on her husband but tries to cut things off by 1) having another child with her husband and 2) befriending Frank’s wife.  Neither of these things work and she falls madly in love with Frank (insert finger into mouth here).  She goes on a vacation with her children to get some space from her husband but then ends up leaving them with friends as she runs off to Europe with Frank.  Her children suffer incredible emotional trauma as she stays away for years leaving her sister and ex-husband to try to sooth the children and attempt to create a normal life for them.  Finally, Mamah returns to the United States and attempts to build a relationship with her scared for life children.  Alas, it’s too late because on August 15, 1914, an intruder murders Mamah, her two children, and four other individuals with an ax.  It’s quite clear that Mamah’s two children basically had the worst childhood ever which is why I hated the book however, it was a book that was incredibly well written and I think it was meant to show how much Mamah messed up pretty much everything that had ever been good in her world.  Thus, because the author intended for this book to be hated, I gave it four stars 🙂  Read at your own risk only if you want to be really, really angry after you’re done!  Hmph!