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914Gs8kRUuLI’ve become a bit of a book snob lately.  I didn’t set out to become one, but after reading so many books in 2013, it just happened.  I’m better able to tell low quality writing from high quality whereas before I simply focused on plot.  Friends have recommended books to me clearly from writers requiring a great deal more practice- I could not read them.  It seems publishers accept manuscripts from people my age (20s) recently who typically don’t have the experience required to write well.  To make matters worse, they force authors into stretching a stand alone novel into a trilogy to sell more books.  

While The Kept by James Scott is a debut novel, it is not at all like the books I described above.  Vivid and sometimes gruesome imagery drips from the pages.  The novel is a mystery about a midwife coming home in the dead of winter to discover her family shot to death and left to freeze.  One son still remains hiding with a gun hoping for the killers to return so he can take his revenge yet accidentally shoots his mother when she returns home.  The story is about a mother and son trying to avenge the murder of their family members but is also about their relationship together and the secrets between them.  James Scott artfully tells a story that is more literary fiction than mystery.  It was a great novel to read on a snow day home from work and I can’t wait to receive my own signed copy thanks to Parnassus First Edition Club.

***I own a signed copy of this book!***