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vanishingI never win anything and just my luck, I won The Vanishing by Wendy Webb thanks to Goodreads and her publisher, Hyperion!!!  A few months ago, I read The Fate of Mercy Alban– the scariest book of my life.  I followed it up by reading her first novel and then luckily, only had a month wait until her newest book came out.

Please expect a gothic mansion, a group of strangers, and a ghost or two in all her books.  The Vanishing is very similar to her other novels and is a great read for a stormy night- or just a night in general.   I really enjoyed reading it and I read it almost straight through.  While this was a great book, I can’t help comparing it to The Fate of Mercy Alban and it was just not even close to the same level of quality.  I almost got the feeling that she wrote this one earlier in her career and polished it up to publish.  I did love the book, but if you’re going to start reading Wendy Webb start with The Fate of Mercy Alban because it’s simply the best!

PS- The old woman in this story reminded me of Shirley Jackson- what did you guys think?