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I have always felt weird about eating meat and it’s only gotten worse as I’ve gotten older.  The slimy feel of uncooked meat is just disgusting and when I realized that meat was the muscles of animals, I just about died.  Now as an adult I do eat meat, but eat much less than the standard American.  The Paleo diet has gotten a lot of attention lately and seems great, but I just cannot bring myself to eat the substantial amount of meat people eat while following that lifestyle.  If I had to hunt animals myself I would be vegetarian no doubt.  

Jonathan Safran Foer writes amazing fiction yet this book of non-fiction explores where our meat comes from.  The information provided is very similar to what you may have seen in Food Inc. or another documentary, but is very well put together in book format by an incredible author trying to find the best diet for his family.  It definitely made me consider, yet again, my choice to eat meat.