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An apartment never seems as small as it does after spending three FULL days in it.  Saturday I woke up ready to embrace my last weekend of break and ran around getting things ready for the week at hand- a week where Christmas break would be over and I’d actually have to work.  All of a sudden, I developed a fever and was bundled up in blankets trying to make the shivering stop.  Finally, I decided laying on my couch bundled in the comforter for my “big girl bed I got when I was two was pretty lame and I went to bed.  There were no other symptoms mind you, just a fever.  I woke up 100% better and my fever gone.  My body was ill from 10am-3pm and made for the most bizarre Saturday being perfectly fine both before 10am and after 3pm.


Sunday, I woke up ready to attend church only to find out it was canceled.  No problem, I still have a trip to the library to make and a zumba class to go to.  Both also canceled due to a storm that was going to come that afternoon.  Convinced my town was full of a bunch of babies, I decided to work on my to do list.  It wasn’t long before the snow started and was blowing so hard I couldn’t clearly see out my window.  Due to the snow and low temperatures, school was canceled both Monday and Tuesday making for a total of eighteen days off work, but I won’t complain!

ReconstructingAmelia hc c.JPGI thought my time off would result in many books opened, read, and enjoyed but alas I was stalking Facebook and school closing sites much of the time trying to keep up to date on the school/work status.  I was able to conquer one incredible read however, Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight, my first book of 2014!  This novel tells the story of Kate and her daughter Amelia after a terrible accident occurs at Amelia’s posh private school.  Kate, a single mother balancing her job as a lawyer in New York City with being a mother, frantically travels to her daughter’s school after getting a call that Amelia has been suspended.  Arriving, she discovers her daughter has jumped from the roof of the building and is dead.  Not believing her daughter would kill herself, an investigation unfolds and the story told ends up being both a mystery and a novel about the bond between mothers and daughters.  The story is told in narrative pieces from the point of view of either Amelia or Kate, text messages, blog entries, and facebook statuses.  It’s an epistolary novel 2.0 so to say and rumor has it, will soon be a movie!

Enjoy your day!