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The year 2013 gave me 169 170 new books and an extra 44,638 44,940 pages under my belt.  This number will be changed since there are a few more days of 2013 but the point is that I read this year- a lot!  Out of these books, I made a list of the top books of 2013- read it here!  I read an epic amount and yet it was quite easy to make my list of the top books because so many of the books were okay but nothing amazing.  My goal for 2014 is to slow down and read more quality books.  I’m not a book snob or anything but I do want to me more careful about what I select to read and really spend more time on each book because there is no way you can ever read all the books.  Life is an ever growing “to be read” list.

To help on my mission, I’ve enrolled in Parnassus’s First Edition Club.  I also want to try to read some more of The Big Read books and of course, reduce the number of books I own but have never read.

So that is my mission this year!  What is your reading goal?  What are your favorite books of all time?