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So it’s super lame to write a post with the top ten books of 2013 and then read another book, one day later, that makes it all the way to the #2 spot and causes you to have to rewrite the entire list.  Pretty sure that’s what just happened…

fate_of_mercy_albanIt was a dark Friday night when I started The Fate of Mercy Alban by Wendy Webb.  I would have easily finished it that one night if it wasn’t so scary that I really wanted to pull a Joey and throw it in my freezer.  Since it was a library book and also since I am a grown up, I decided just to put it down until the morning.  I did have some chance to read it in the morning but due to a friend pulling me out of my reading cave for some social time I was forced to finish reading it that night- a night that was not only dark but also VERY windy and creepy.  It was also a night when I decided to order pizza which was a bad decision I realized knowing that the doorbell would make me jump a mile or two!

This book is the scariest book I have ever read- ever!  It tells the story of a wealthy family with dark secrets and of a mansion with hidden passages and dark corners.  That is all you really need to know, but if you love gothic mysteries you MUST read this book.

Oh, one more thing!  It was nominated for the Good Reads Choice Awards best horror book of 2013 so please, please read it and vote!  Look at that, I’ve even provided the link for you!


Oh and “like” the author here: https://www.facebook.com/WendyWebbAuthor?hc_location=stream  she is very cool!

Oh and for real- one more thing!  You can buy the book here for super cheap http://bookoutlet.com/Store/Details/the-fate-of-mercy-alban/_/R-9781401341930B?terms=wendy+webb