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tigerThis memoir is probably the most intense book I have ever read!  It disgusted me, gave me stomach aches, and brought me to tears.  Due to the level of maturity required to read this book, it’s definitely a novel high school students should get parent permission to read.  The reason I’m sharing it is mainly because I saw it on sale for 90 cents on Amazon!  Who can beat that kind of a deal?!

The author takes the opportunity in writing this book to sort through her feelings regarding what happened to her as a child.  One of the reasons I love this book is because you can SEE the healing take place from the start to the end of the book as she processes through the things that happened to her.  The other reason I loved this book was because it allowed me to take a step into the mind of someone who was hurting and find out what was going through their mind.  I often question how things like this can just go on.  Why did no one say anything?  How can this happen?  A lot of those questions were answered through reading this book.  In summary, if you have 90 cents to spare and can stomach this book, you NEED to read it!

PS- Up to 110 books read this year!!!