readyThis year I have read 77 books, but not all of them show up on this blog or on my YouTube channel- they sometimes aren’t special enough.  THIS is a book I’m totally in love with though and is worth not only sharing, but buying for all your friends too!

It’s 2044 and individuals are now to a point where they are “online” the OASIS nearly all the time and even go to school on the system.  There are public OASIS cafes everywhere and most people have their own set up at home as well.  Mr. Halliday, OASIS’s creator, dies quite well off and that is where the story starts.  As a recluse, he has no one to leave his fortune to so has created a challenge.  Hidden somewhere within the OASIS is an easter egg and whoever finds it will not only become a multi-billionaire but also gain control of the entire company.

Wade is a Gunter- someone after Halliday’s prize.  As a gamer living in a trailer park, he commits his entire life to studying Halliday and finding the egg.  His quest turns into an obsession and the real world is nearly entirely pressed out of his life as he tries to find the three keys to unlock three gates and get the prize.

That’s all you need to know.  The rest you will find out because I refuse to take away any of the shocks that lay ahead of you!!!  As long as you love a good treasure hunt, you will love this book.  Love for video games/80s culture not required!