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This book says it’s written by Rebekah Nathan but it’s actually written by Cathy Small, a professor at Northern Arizona University, who an attempt to better understand students decided to live in the dorms for a year and learn about the culture of college students.  This ethnography was written when I was a junior in high school so the freshman she talks about are only two years older than me.  I really felt it was interesting to hear what she learned about students although I primarily thought about things from the students’ perspective and wondered what they thought about having an older woman live in their dorms.  How weird!  Also, she had a private room and I think that the majority of craziness in college happened in the dorms with roommates and suitemates.  She made a lot of meals in the common kitchen and, at least in my college, no one did that.  Cathy recognized that she was never truly one of the students however, she became close with other students who didn’t quite fit in and her stories from international students’ points of view were very interesting.  I would like to learn more about what college is like in other cultures.  Overall, I have been recently interested in reading memoirs and this book makes me interested in reading more ethnographies too.