I LOVE vintage apartments and 50% of the places I’ve lived since striking out on my own are old.

I thought I liked vintage apartments because it was an extreme sort of recycling.  Don’t build me a new building, I will make do with living in a cubby of an old building somewhere.  A little nook where others have lived before me for years and years.  Today it struck me that this is actually the aspect that I adore the most about old buildings, the fact that they were used before.  That individuals other than myself went about their daily lives in the exact place I find myself today.  I’m making a life for myself just as they were.

On a trip to the library today, I decided to look up the history of the town I live in.  Was my current apartment an office of some sort or did someone live there?  I won’t post the title of the book I read in order to prevent creepers, but was amazed to find a book full of pictures of the town- many of which centered around my building as it had a prominent role in the community years back.  I learned that while there were offices and shops on the first floor, the floors above had always been used as residences.  The building was built just before the depression and many families lived in the apartments upstairs.  Children played kick the can and other games in the space where I now park my car.  The fire station used to be in the section of my building which is now home to a bakery that prepares bakery items for Trader Joes.  I imagine the apartments in this building being filled with children and families making friends and hosting meager depression era dinner parties.  What an amazing find today at the library to discover such a book to tell me more about the place I call home!