Part of the reason I love reading so much is it offers me the opportunity to step into someone’s life for a bit and see what it’s like to be them.  I enjoy people watching, psychology, and pretty much anything that involves people.  For this reason, I found the following video so interesting.

It’s no secret that despite people saying they are not racist, they actually do segregate themselves from those who are different from them.  I would argue that it’s quite common to see certain neighborhoods and mostly “black” or mostly “white” and this video shows it.  While Chicago as a whole is very diverse, I think you can tell from this video that the north side of the city tends to have many more white people while the south side tends to have many more black people.  Right or wrong, this is the way things are.  I wonder if there will be a day when people will not just claim not to be racist but actually feel comfortable living with those of a different color skin then their own.  I think our neighborhoods are a good measure of our attitudes towards diversity.