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This book was quite a hoot and is adorable for middle grade readers combining aspects of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory with Hansel and Gretel. You’ll have to wait though as it will not be released until August 21.

Lorelei’s school suddenly and mysteriously burns down and her father and step mom have to quickly look for another school. Luckily, another school, Splendid Academy, just happens to pop up nearby and Lorelei is registered for the school. This school is quite different from traditional schools and Lorelei tries to figure it all out. Children have choices in all their activities and can opt out of a lesson if they are not interested. The students are fed amazing treats constantly. This school is odd and Lorelei is going to get to the bottom of things!

Overall I liked this book although I do think the author needs to decide if the school is a charter school or a private school as she calls it by both titles throughout the book and is not consistent. I’m sure children would never notice this but it’s the one thing that bothered me about this book. Besides that, I loved it and think it’s super cute!