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This book tells about what librarians actually do and is a homage to them from someone who really enjoys libraries. I really enjoyed the beginning of this book but the rest was rather boring. There was way too much time spend on SecondLife. Does anyone actually use that site? Anyway, this book was okay but not amazing 🙂



This book was about a young book-loving man who moved to England with his family. While I enjoyed the book, I thought the front flap made the book sound a great deal more interesting than it actually was.



I really enjoyed this book. Common sense- yes, but it was well put together and just talked about how families can have healthy lifestyles. While it was written by the author of the South Beach Diet I didn’t feel as if every page was an add for the diet. It was a laid back approach to getting people healthy and I found it quite motivating. I feel empowered after reading it unlike some diet books which just make you feel like a flat plop of a person. Quite good indeed.

I mostly liked the vegetable section because I’m just learning new ways to cook veggies 🙂