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This book was one of the dystopian books that was difficult to put down.  I was engaged the whole time.  That said, I think I may be getting rather sick of dystopian books because there were a few things I didn’t like- more on that later.

This book tells the story of Gaia Stone who is a daughter of a midwife.  She lives in the future and her world includes those that live inside the wall and outside.  Her family lives inside and when her mother is taken prisoner, Gaia takes her mother’s place as midwife.  Each midwife is required to pass the first three babies born in a month through the wall within moments of being born.  When her mother is taken as a prisoner, Gaia learns the truth about the world she lives in as she desperately tries to rescue her mother.

I enjoyed how fast paced this book was.  It was easy to read and hard to put down!  I loved it for that.  Some things I didn’t like were that I felt like genetics and the issue of trying to rid the world of diseases has been done before.  That ethical issue has shown up in many books and while each book alone is incredible, I’m getting a bit bored.  Perhaps that is my own problem.  Also, it seemed that Gaia walked around with babies a lot in the book but it never talked of her caring for them.  Maybe that’s information that the author didn’t feel the need to convey, but all I could think of was how hungry those babies must be!

All in all, a great read for a rainy Sunday and 4 out of 5 stars!