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What makes some books AWFUL and others amazing?  In the documentary “Bad Writing” a poet seeks out experts in the field to ask various questions about bad writing and how to improve.

Watching the film tonight was interesting and I took down some tips.

  • Bad writing over uses the thesaurus.
  • Dumping too much information on  your readers is bad.  Trust your readers and give them some work to do!
  • Use correct punctuation.
  • You have to take a step back and look critically at your writing.
  • Once you get serious about trying to write, you’re going to have a lot of crappy writing to pump out until it starts getting good.
  • Tell the truth about what matters.
  • Reading bad writing will help you improve as a writer.
  • Embrace your mistakes.
  • More life experiences make for better writers.
  • Read from great authors within your genre.
  • Evaluate what you like and dislike about certain books.

You never fail until you stop!