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What is better than a vintage studio apartment?  A vintage studio apartment filled with books of course!  Before moving into this apartment I actually gave away hundreds of books to my mom’s classroom because I decided I hoarded books too much without sharing them and also, I was concerned about space.  Now that I’ve been in this apartment nearly a year, I’ve made sure that books have a place in every room and somehow my collection continues to grow.  I guess there are worse vices.

So now… off on a book tour of the apartment!

First, the main book nook in the apartment.  The book starts with my favorite series ever, Harry Potter, and then continues chronologically by publication date and author.  For example, the newest book I got was Insurgent so both Divergent AND Insurgent follow HP because that is the author who had the most recent publication.  At the very end of the shelf is The Oedipus Cycle, published in published in -401 according to GoodReads!  Also happens to be my favorite required reading ever!  *Note the sorting hat given to me by the best family in Kalamazoo ❤

On the ledge are library books and the stack to the right of the plant are ones I need to return.





Into the kitchen… cookbooks, diet books, health books, running books, and magazines!

*Please note the best coffee EVER from the Cultured Cup that my amazing aunt gave me!



Onto my bedcloset, yes I sleep in a walk in closet BUT… it’s huge and can fit my queen bed with extra room at the foot of the bed and on both sides.  It’s cozy and I love my bedcloset!  It’s like the cupboard under the stairs, only it’s not actually under any stairs.  I guess it’s simply a very large cupboard!

On the shelf are books on teaching reading (I have more in my closet I need to add), holocaust books (more in my closet I need to add), religion books, and other non fiction books.

I somehow end up with around 10 books in my bed too when I go to change my sheets at the end of a week.  I have no idea how so many of them find their way there!

Books in the bathroom for bath time reading… okay I guess they are magazines!

Finally, tubs of books in my closet.  I have four tubs FULL of books!

Hope you enjoyed the tour!  Have a wonderful weekend everyone!!!